Cultural and administrative centre
Ivančna Gorica


open competition,1st prize
Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia
Municipality of Ivancna Gorica
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Vesna Vraničar
Eva Senekovič
Tim Zrimšek

Urban ground floor + three quadrants

In terms of the continuity of the existing building of local character, the composition of the 3 building units of the cultural centre (municipality, library and hall), defining distinctive visual accents and meaningfully upgrading the whole story about space. The floor plan flashes in typological sense with the basic design of the defined ground floor, which is covered with three quadrants in the base ground floor. By the placement of the "quadrants", we achieve the height-shaped typology, which is presented in an agitated spatial form.The logic of the organization of the urban ground floor is – the base upgraded by the installation of a central line – the public connection (city passage) on the ground floor of the building, which links two urban directions, two urban ambient.