Three sqares


competition, 1st prize
Koper, Slovenia
The municipality of Koper
open competition
Project team: 
Aleš Žnidaršič
Katja Žlajpah
Primož Grabnar


ARCHITECTURE VERSUS THE URBAN FORM / the story of the urban void

The market area may be seen as an »empty« area, meaning a space, which may be identified as a void inside the (urban) shell. These are the intermediate spaces that create a tension, which is a requirement for the atmosphere and understanding between the forms. This void may be defined as a picture of the negative (of the city), in contrast to the constructed areas, that limit the void and defining it in order that it that can be understood as the positive space. The mix of energies helps shape the atmosphere and thus the story of the spatial entirety. This gives an area architectural meaning, it createsan ambiance. The void represents a testing ground for designing / creating the spatial tensions, situations and relations between the negative and positive, which are the starting point of architectural planning.